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Senior couple relaxing outside M&L Peterson Consulting specializes in consulting families and loved ones who need care and assistance and also businesses. We’re offering a problem-solving solutions and/or options, geriatric care assessments and on-going care planning with provision of other care management services.

Please visit OUR SERVICES page. Our team is eager to provide you with support you need every step of the way as you care for your loved one or your loved ones in the community to ensure your and their needs being met.

As generations age our society is racing to meet demands for proper healthcare and retirement needs. Within our society’s healthcare complex integrated care system, our expertise is highly sought-after.

Our focus remains in the area related to aging care issues including care options, involving life transition decisions, role changes, rapid or progressive health decline and end-of-life discussions.


“Through our advocacy, education and person-centered approach,
we’re committed to provide you with excellent services that will improve your quality of life,
as well as preserve your dignity, well-being and independence.”
Liliya Peterson


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