In Home Care vs. Nursing Home

As your loved one grows older, there are many decisions that must be made. One of the most important and pressing concerns their living arrangements. Is a nursing home or assisted living community the best choice, or should they be allowed to stay at home with a care provider? This question is a weighty one, […]

Steps to Better Sleep

The amount of time that we spend sleeping over the course of a lifetime seems almost astronomical: 1/3 of our lives. This is based off of eight hours of daily sleep, or 1/3 of a day, throughout the course of a lifetime. And yet although we pour so much time into it, the art of […]

Depression & Memory Loss

Depression is a disease that is regularly misunderstood and often minimized – but in reality, it has a heavy impact on daily life. Not only does it affect the person who suffers from it, but it also can change the lives of those around that person. Depression needs to be treated correctly for many reasons, […]

Positive Thinking

The brain is unequaled in its power. But do thoughts have the ability to change life circumstances, particularly things such as personal success and health? This is something which has long been wondered, and surely if the mind has that power, we want to be accessing it. According to an article on, negative thoughts […]

Portrait Of Mature Man Reading

The Importance of Advance Directives

An advance directive is something that can be a huge help to both the person who creates it and to their children or care-takers. As a senior, having one of these prepared is paramount. Let us begin with an overview of “advance directives.” Simply put, an advance directive is a living will. It is a […]

Happy elderly woman with Alzheimer's disease reading the daily newspaper.

How to Help a Parent with Alzheimer’s Disease

You hoped it would never happen, but it has – your aging parent has Alzheimer’s. Nobody expects it, yet as of 2015, has estimated that 5.3 million Americans have Alzheimer’s. Out of that number, 5.1 million of them are age 65 or older. It may feel like you are the only family to struggle […]

Aging Brain

Brain Growth at an Older Age

We often hear of how important it is for the younger generation to be exercising their brains, stretching them to a greater capacity by learning new skills and information. But it is not as often that we learn about the importance of brain growth for older people. What reason could there be for a senior […]

Nurse talking with elderly people and making notes during examination at home, smiling.

What an Aging Life Care Professional Can Do For Your Loved One

As your parents or other close family members grow older, their lives change – and yours will too. If you have only recently begun to care for them, there will be many problems in your mind as you consider how to best manage the situation – how will you ensure that your loved one still […]


Mental Aging

The aging of the body can sometimes have a detrimental effect on the mind. Of course, as much as possible, maintaining a healthy brain is to be desired. While some of it is up to genetics, some of the brain’s health is also up to its owner. A healthy lifestyle, consisting of things like a […]

Senior Couple Walking In Park

Tips to Healthy Aging

How is it that some people seem to never age while other people practically age before their time? Looking and feeling one’s chronological age does not necessarily have to go hand in hand. In slowing down the aging process staying physically active, engaging mentally, getting proper rest, and enjoying a proper diet has lasting benefits. […]